Jason W. Speer

Jason W. Speer

Jason Speer serves as the Vice President and General Manager of Quality Float Works, Inc.

As Vice President, Jason has grown the company by 50 percent international sales have grown by 12 percent, and the Quality Float Works, Inc. workforce has grown by 15 percent. In his tenure with the company, Jason founded the Quality Float Valve division further expanding the business during even the toughest times the manufacturing industry has faced.

Jason was raised to understand the importance of innovation in small business and its effect on Quality Float Works, Inc. Though he began his tenure with the company at an administrative level and working in the plant, Jason developed a first-hand knowledge of the business that led him to become a leader in the industry.

Jason broke the mold as the first representative of a small company on the National Association of Manufacturers Public Affairs Committee. His commitment to public service is exhibited by the numerous leadership positions he holds with countless small business and community organizations. Jason revitalized the local Lions Club, growing the organization from three members to twelve members in just six months.

Jason serves in leadership capacities with the National Federation of Independent Business, Illinois Manufacturing Association, Schaumburg Business Association and the Streamwood Chamber of Commerce. He is also a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Tooling and Manufacturing Association, served as a Commissioner for the Village of Streamwood, and was elected to the Village Board as a Trustee in 2007.

A man of history and culture, Jason is semi-fluent in French, Russian and Arabic and has lived in Marrakech, Morocco and Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. He has traveled to over 80 countries on six continents. Jason has also written three screenplays, award-winning poetry and co-authored a book, Sons of Babylon. Jasonís multi-faceted profile has made him one of the most innovative forces in the manufacturing industry and an irreplaceable leader for Quality Float Works, Inc.